Monday, December 3, 2012

Hand to Hand Holiday Market


Close up of my table.

My table at the market.
The Hand to Hand market was yesterday (December 2) from 12-6.  This was my first market experience, I just recently had my first real sell over the summer.  I am so thankful for Ryan, my husband who was so supportive and helpful in the whole process.  Also my friend Amy who encouraged me to get involved with the Hand to Hand market.  There was a total of 43 vendors and the foot traffic was over 1,000!  I sold a number of originals and cards, and even picked up two definite commissions.  Things were slow at first but I could not believe the overwhelming response to my art work.  Even if someone did not buy something I felt so rewarded just seeing them smile when they saw my booth.  I suppose as an artist I am extremely delicate, I have a hard time believing that anyone is actually interested in my art, even after the market and the response I am still fighting my own thoughts that they were just being nice and polite.  But there was this one guy who stood out, he loved one of my peacock pieces and he was fixated on it, he passed it up and walked around the market but he came back struggling with whether he could afford it or not.  I could tell he loved the piece and I wanted him to have it, I lowered the price and he was pleased and I was happy that my art made someone happy.  That's all I have ever wanted out my art, not fame nor fortune (though being able to focus on my art as a full-time gig would be stellar) I just want someone to find comfort and happiness out of it the way I do.  So all in all the market was a wonderful experience and I will do it again in the spring.  In the mean-time my husband and I are working to get my website up and going so it is more than a blog but a gallery and an opportunity for people to buy my work or commission me.  Thank you all for your support and your encouragement as I work towards this goal of mine.
My friend Amy and I with our trades.