Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Frustrating Diagnosis

As a maker I spend a lot of time hunched over my studio space, this in turn makes my body angry at me.  I have had back problems since I was in high school but I had never been to the chiropractor about it.  I am currently preparing for the Hand to Hand market coming up December 1st which means long hours in the studio getting my make on.

After complaining to my husband about my stiffness he talked me in to seeing a chiropractor since we have amazing insurance, I made an appointment.  The chiropractor I went to see took x-rays of my back and discussed how he was going to fix me up.  When the film comes back we both look at it and he mentions my neck is doing a reverse curve and he comments that it is unusual.  He makes it to just around my shoulder area, and there it is an obvious curve.  He looks at me and asks "did you know you have scoliosis?"  Well no I sure did not.  He was surprised that I'm going to be 30 in May and had no idea I had scoliosis.  He was positive though that he can help me reduce the pain and improve my overall back.  We continue looking at film and come to my lower back, again he looks at me and says "well, looks like you have spina bifida too."  He said I have a very mild form and it shouldn't give me too much of an issue.

At first after my appointment I'm thinking okay well now we know what is wrong with my back, this is great I know what to do now.  Then as I'm reading and getting acquainted with my diagnosis I realize I can't cure it without surgery and that may not help with my pain.  I am going to have to work to keep my back healthy and keep it from getting worse.  Now every time I sit at my desk I'm reminded that I have this curve and it won't go away and it wants to make my life difficult.  So what's a maker to do?  Well, makers gonna make...and take yoga once a week, and pray for strength.
My curve isn't so bad, but it is definitely uncomfortable.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Antique Book Pages and Glitter

I have an antique book that was given to me years ago, it was printed in 1897 and it is a work of short stories for children.  The book is in ill repair but I have a soft spot for books because even if they are falling apart they are beautiful and therefore useful.

"Bad Wolf" I used TARDIS blue acrylic paint
and matching glitter for this piece making it 
difficult to read.

I thought putting word art on the old book pages would be almost poetic but just painting words on the pages left it lacking in something.  I had done a silhouette piece in glitter and thought I would give it a try.  "Once Upon A Time" is my first attempt at the new medium.

"Once Upon A Time"

I have been mostly using my favorite book quotes so far.  This quote is from one of my favorite books "The Perks of Being a Wallflower."

This is a favorite Doctor Who quote of mine "We're all stories in the end.  Just make it a good one, eh?"

Breaking away from book quotes for some sentimental lyrics.


Friday, November 1, 2013

Hand Lettering

Two posts in a row!  I thought I would focus on my favorite genre right now, and that is hand lettering.  I love lyrics, quotes, and words in general, in turn I like to make them into pretty pieces of art.
"A Few of My Favorite Things"

 I free hand all of my pieces, meaning I don't trace over printed letters.  Sometimes I use a grid to layout my lettering and then use a lightbox to neatly trace over my design.
"Let Me Go Home"

I use font websites for inspiration to help keep my lettering full of variety.  A few of my favorites are:

"Faith in Coffee"

I try to keep with the "less is more" philosophy when it comes to color, since I want the lettering to be the focus, but I do like to use patterns to keep it interesting.


"Coffee Love"

Like anything worth doing hand lettering takes practice, I wish my lines were smoother and more consistent so practice, practice, practice until it becomes muscle memory and I see constantly see it in my dreams.