Monday, February 24, 2014

Go Big or Go Home

Some changes have taken place and I should have written a blog last week but I was busy getting my make on.  I quit my full-time job and today is my first day at my part-time job this way I can spend more time focusing on my art.  It is exciting and intimidating.  I have quite a few things coming up that I'm busy prepping for that I will go into detail about later on.  For now my work is doing pretty well at Design Archives, and I have a possible venue to display my work for a while. 

"The Dreams Inside Us"
Watercolor, color pencil, and ink


The original "Peacock Glory" was damaged last year and I finally got around to redoing it.  I love using colors, shapes, and metallic pens.  

"Peacock Glory"
watercolor, color pencil, and ink


Monday, February 3, 2014

One Uneasy Step at a Time

Big things have been going down for Heart Shine Studios, it is very exciting and very intimidating.  My mantra use to be "go big or go home," and sometimes it still is but it is not as relevant as it use to be.  My mantra these days is more along the lines of "one step at a time" and "you don't have to be great to start but you have to start to be great."  I tried to get my husband to text me every 30 seconds to tell me "everything is going to be fine," but I think he thinks I was joking, I kind of was (not.)  As someone who struggles with high anxiety and self esteem issues socializing can be quite difficult for me, and as it turns out one of the skills that would be helpful to me is networking.  I'm trying and I'm making great strides I think, but it is terrifying to come out from the anonymity of the internet and interact face to face in the community, but it is important and necessary.  I want this opportunity so badly I will not let my insecurities stand in my way.  With that being said here are the strides that I have made recently:

Design Archives:
This is the one that excites me the most currently, I worked up the nerve to contact Kit the owner of Design Archives in downtown Greensboro.  I love this shop and all it does for local artisans, and business owners.  She invited me to try out a consignment set up and if I felt comfortable I could invest in a booth at her shop.  So I have a few of my pillows and a lot of my art set up in the store waiting to be sold, and at the end of the month if business is profitable I'll go for a full booth.  If you are ever in the downtown Greensboro area check out Design Archives they also have a website:
Design Archives
Also first Friday is happening this Friday the 7th, perfect opportunity to check out the shop.

I'm entering into as fundraiser event for the Center for Visual Artists, this will be my first event of this kind. I'm excited and afraid of failure but you can't be great if you don't start, so I signed up.  I need to create a fantastic piece of art worth someone's money on a 10" x 10" canvas, that's the scary part what if it isn't worth their money? (these are questions I struggle with non-stop.)  I'm going to do it though, I have plenty of time to get my canvas together, the fundraiser is Friday, May 2nd 6-9.  I'll try and post progress updates.    
CVA 100 for 100

I don't have any art to show yet, a lot of stuff in progress and some stuff that is top secret for now.  This is a happy picture though, this is what my dreams taste like and they are delicious.