Wednesday, June 25, 2014

First Friday in Downtown Greensboro

First off I'm the WORST blogger in the history of blogging (that was an exaggeration but I'm pretty bad.) Strep throat has me relegated to my couch on bed rest so I figured I would try and catch up.

Every month downtown Greensboro celebrates First Friday, I was invited to do a live demonstration at the new ice cream parlor in downtown.  The Creamery and I have developed a wonderful relationship and with each new request I am eager to get to work.  The Creamery is located on South Elm directly across from Crafted, they serve Blue Bell ice cream and make their waffle cones in house.  First Friday is where everyone gets out into downtown the shops stay open later, live music, an indie market for local crafters to sell their wares.  Also local businesses pair up with local artists to help promote each other. This is where The Creamery and I come in.
I happily sat in the window drawing triple scoop ice cream cone to celebrate First Friday.

We call this the mediterranean artist. 

My favorite visitor, his name was Ben.

Reaching new heights and living the dream.