Saturday, March 14, 2015

Easy Peasy "Evangeline" Mural

Easy Peasy Decadent Desserts located on Battleground is one of my favorite clients.  They have some amazing and inventive treats, served up with a Parisian flair.  Traci and Erik Rankins are wonderful people to work with and I'm always happy to drop in and see what they're up to.  In January they asked me to create a mural for their remodel, of course with a Paris theme. My favorite artist is Alphonse Mucha and he completely embodies classic Paris and the Art Nouveau movement, so that meant time to go big or go home Mucha style.  Here is my process.

Sketch out in white charcoal. 

Acrylic is fun but it takes a lot longer to work with than my usual water color medium. 

She's coming together. 

Ryan-o insisted on artist working photos.

My artist smile

"Evangeline" is my favorite mural so far, though Easy Peasy wants another Mucha inspired mural for the front.  My supplies were simple: Acrylic paint and liquid gold leaf for the border.  I'm very happy with her.