Thursday, June 18, 2015

Learning to Adapt

This summer is off to a whirlwind of a start, I feel like every time I blink the day has continued on without me.  It's hard to remain present and focused on the world around me, life has never been better and for some reason that seems to make time move faster.

Last week I had my first interview for a paper, Sayaka Matsuoka writes for the local Greensboro paper "City Beat" and she featured me in the art section.  I was very flattered, and I'm thankful for the exposure.  Sayaka wrote wonderful things and I'm so happy to have Sarah with her beautiful shop for me to work in and her business wisdom in my life.  I have met so many wonderful people this past year despite my efforts to hide away. Here is the article:

City Beat article by Sayaka Matsuoka

"The King's Bird" with the article in the City Beat

So while all of this is going on my AC is broken, I don't mind the heat but I can't get much done around the house.  I was built for heat, I'm very productive these days since I can't pretend to procrastinate with house work.  My hand painted mugs are very popular so I have stocked up on those to bring to the tea shop next week, and I'm finishing up a dear friend's wedding invitations.  I have found that kung fu classics are my new favorite thing, I watched "the Fist of Legend" the other night and it brought words of wisdom for me:

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