Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The King's Bird

Ryan and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on June 14th, we give each other traditional gifts and this year was copper.  Ryan is not a reader, but he has one book he loved when he was younger "My Side of the Mountain." I read it so I could understand why he loved it, and it was obvious.  His favorite animal because of the book is a peregrine falcon, so I knew I wanted to make him a special painting. I've never made him a piece of art despite him asking for nine years, so I wanted this to be worth the wait.  
I like to research my projects before I get started so I have a stronger connection, I found out the females are the ones referred to as "peregrines" and the males are duck hawks.  Also the females are the ones typically trained by falconers since they are stronger, bigger, and faster.  Very loyal and wise birds, the females are also the only one used by kings, hence the name "The King's Bird," these are things I want to be to Ryan, I want to be regal, loyal, and wise.  He is a man of good character and he deserves someone to count on like others count on him.  This piece was one of the most difficult pieces for me to do, I wanted it to be perfect because it's a thank you to him for all he has helped me achieve and all the love he has poured into me over the years and continues to pour out.  

Now that the emotional description is out of the way, this piece measures at 24x36.  She is done in watercolor and copper leafing. I treated my canvas with a special watercolor ground so I could use my watercolor.  She started out in acrylic and I had spent about 10 hours on her before one night she came to me in a dream and told me she was "wrong".  The next day I gessoed over her and put on the watercolor ground to start from scratch.  That sounds crazy I know but I'm allowed that because I'm an artist apparently.  
There are rubies at the base of the tree, another thing Ryan seems to like.  

Materials I used were: Golden Watercolor Ground, Koi watercolors, Dr. Ph. Martin watercolors, and a Sakura copper pen

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