Thursday, March 10, 2016

What persistence looks like

Recently I have been asked "did you go to school for art?" The answer is yes and no, I did attend East Carolina for about two years as an art major.  I had a total of 3 drawing classes, 1 pottery class, 2 design classes and an art history class or two maybe.  I received a reasonable foundation to carry on my own studies after I left university.  I think what people really want to know is "how do you do that?"

What everyone usually sees is my final product with the exception of the occasional instagram post, what people often do not get to see is the physical process, and what no one sees is the mental process that goes behind my work.  That's what I like about my corner at Vida Pour Tea people can watch me work, they can ask me questions, and then they can be concerned when I paint over a piece I have been spending weeks on.  It's a process that I have been practicing for years.  I have a passion for art and I believe it is a gift, but I work hard at it. I always have and I always will, some lines and techniques come easily others I practice over and over.  I draw and paint almost everyday so that my hands and my mind can just let it happen without having to wrestle each other over what something should look like.  I can draw daffodils, church steeples, eyes, etc. without having a reference photo because I have drawn it over and over.  So I know I make certain projects look effortless but just know I have thrown away twice as many sketches just to get to that point.
These are my sketchbooks and sketches accumulated over just the past 4 years that I have kept. I'm not just an artist, I'm a craftsman and I want to not have just a gift, I need to know why I know where to put lines, why I know how to mix colors. I want others to know how to do these things if they want to know, I want to be able to show someone else how to do it and I want them to be patient with me while I try and teach them.  If you ever see me working ask anything you want to know, I am happy to share what I know and what I'm learning, more than likely I have an extra pencil and some paper on hand just so someone can doodle for a moment.  It is my passion and I want others to find their passions too. 

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