Monday, January 23, 2017

Book Announcement

I finally sat down and committed myself to finishing up a project that is very special to me.  My husband and I welcomed two new additions into our families in 2015 with the birth of our niece and nephew.  It created a strange joy and an understanding into the phrase "you're so cute I could eat you up!" 

I always thought that was such a strange thing to say, but after meeting my niece and nephew and babysitting, all I could I think of was how I was going to eat them up.  Usually starting with the toes of course, and this expanded into a sort of game where I would tell my nephew exactly how I was going to eat him.  This is where the inspiration for my first book came from.  

I enjoyed most all of the process to preparing a book, all except for the formatting and layout part.  I certainly hope to get better  and more efficient at developing concepts and refining sketches.  Of course I'll have to become better acquainted with technology, but I can't wait for the official release of "All The Ways I Could Eat You Up" coming out in late February.  If you want to reserve your first edition copy visit the link below.